Emmanuel Joseph

Emmanuel Joseph

Full-stack Engineer, Blockchain Engineer

With 8+ years of experience, I help pre-seed to Series A companies conquer their toughest code architecture, scaling, and performance challenges. Expertise in ReactJS, VueJS, Solidity, NodeJS, and Golang.

If you've used Wikipedia recently, there's a good chance you've interacted with features I've contributed to. I've helped startups like Pouchfi and Fitted.ng significantly improve their tech debt, boosting investor confidence and accelerating their growth. I played a crucial role in securing a $50k grant for Fitted.ng. Let's chat about how I can help your startup reach new heights!

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Discover how I helped a client raise over $400k in just two weeks by building a groundbreaking token private sale platform. Click to uncover the challenges we faced and the innovative solutions that led to this success!

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